Big Blue! Thats Facebook To Me And You

Facebook is everywhere….. the word ‘obsession; may be a strong one but I think these figures are mind blowing…..

As far as getting a tattoo im not sure but obviously,facebook has found it’s way into our culture, into the fabric of almost everything.

If your involved in any kind of business, and your NOT on facebook then your probably missing out. Social networking for business now MUST include big blue!

Chack out these Facebook Stats :-

Big Blue Facebook Stat Video From Alex Trimpe

Facebook Marketing? – You Should Be

30 Billion ( yes Billion) pieces of content are shared every month. Crikey!!!

Thats 30 billion links, photos, news stories, posts and notes shared amongst its 500 Million user base! Now thats big numbers.

The average user is connected to around 80 facebook pages/events and currently 200 million people are accessing facebook through their mobile device! These are HUGE numbers…..

If you aren’t living under a rock then chance’s are your already on facebook. If you have a business of ANY description and your spending your hard earned monies on advertising then you must investigate Facebook Marketing. however there’s a problem…

Marketing on Facebook – As Clear As Mud

As ‘big blue’ continues to take over it’s clear that people are unclear. How? what? where? how do I? All of a sudden there is another mountainous volume of information to wade through that the average business owner just hasn’t got time to go through.

After spending huge amounts of time pouring over facebook courses and campaigns it’s clear that unless you have a dedicated marketing professional on your side your going to be for want of a better phrase ‘platting fog’.

facebook marketing

Is their something you can do right away…..YES!  Get yourself a Facebook business (fan) Page. It’s super simple, grannie could do it:- click the image to the left or go to this link

Create Page Now

Choose the relevant settings if your a business or an individual and at least you have made a start. Perhaps you might spend a few bucks and make something worthwhile..

I have always noted that getting started is often the most difficult thing to do…. like going for a run actually getting my trainers on is 90% of the battle.

Once you have a fanpage I hope you will run with it….

If your just too busy to bother then don’t say you were never told. Your competitors know and will exploit your weakness’s.

If your a sole entrepreneur, your in the ring and fighting for your business, then know this, whilst the playing field is never flat, big business, the corporate giants take time to embrace and implement new technology ( look at what’s happening to Border’s) dont put your head in a bucket of sand on this one, take some action, do it today….


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Thought I would take the time to tell you all about a small project I’m embarking on. It’s not for everyone! It’s for those people who really want to make the grade

This is where we are today information is cheap…unfortunately the vast majority of it is worthless…,and the thing is about those people is they already know who they are. Freeloading is not the answer, doing the work is not enough, because… how do you know if what your doing actually works anyway?

SO that’s why…i Started the Backbone Project .