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Social Networking For Business DVDLet’s talk about social networking for business! Twitter is noisy, but great for customer service and Youtube is still king for getting your video on the search engines. But the 100 lb gorilla that is dominating the social space today is of course the social network that is…Facebook!.


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The original video I uploaded to my facebook fan page you can visit it herehttp://www.facebook.com/marktaylorhq

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I decided to create a second format using Youtube, and you can all take this away with you, that while facebook is awesome and creating a video from within your fanpage allows the embedded ( and all important Like Button button) Youtube is still king when it comes to getting your videos onto the serps ( search engine results page).

Social Networking For Business – The Rash

Without a doubt marketer’s are all over this social network like a rash. Unfortunately the rash has turned into something a little more serious, it’s infectious…and requires more than a scratch to cure!

The rush to take advantage of the huge growth in Facebook numbers has led to a many marketers making rash choices and decisions ( see what i did there?).

So let’s concentrate in this post about Mark Zuckerburg’s monster that is Facebook and how you can have fun and enjoy the Facebook experience AND still use the platform to reach out to it’s 500+ Million users that may be interested in your musings, services, products and opportunities.

Social networking for business the right way.

Let’s not forget that Facebook is a social network! It’s easy to get caught up in all the excitement and forget that Facebook is primarily a place to come and hang out. It’s a private network, a place to login and share your social activities with family and friends.

Look At Me! Waving a red flag….

A typical user would have on average around 150 friends, if you have 600 or more your in the minority, although this pale’s into insignificance if your a marketer where typically you would be into the thousands. ( red flag anyone!)

When facebook brought about fanpages or business pages, they got serious about the commercialness of their site. Now a business can have a fanpage which unlike a personal profile is not limited to 5000 friends.

That presents an opportunity for you as a business to have a page and market to your audience as a commercial entity rather than attempting to create  a pseudo friendship.

As a marketer…. looking at facebook with it’s 500+ Million users it’s easy to forget that the vast majority of facebook’s users are actual users! That is the primary function of the network .

If you decide to separate your personal and business activities on Facebook straight away you will get back the facebook experience. ( and stop waving the flag)

You can start to see how your friends ( real people) actually use facebook to interact with their friends. This will give you insight that you would miss if you blindly add people essentially using the platform as a marketer. A completely different experience.

Where do you start social networking for business

We should all start by examining the why first. What are you networking for… more clients and customers, or are you branding your product or service. Are you a home business owner looking for leads and prospects?

Establishing what you are trying to accomplish before setting up your page’s is paramount. Once you have this on paper, maybe now is the time to take advice.

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