My Video Talk

My Video Talk

Tools like My Video Talk are incredible however there’s a HUGE minus that I wanted to share with all my readers.

Great tools like my video talk demonstrate how quickly the internet is becoming the premier way to generate leads for your business, whether you selling services or products the ability to engage with your visitor through video brings some unique challenges.

Below I talk about the challenges and where you need to postition yourself as a market leader or authority in your industry.

Firstly market research has shown that video is the fastest growing area on the internet full stop. Google’s purchase of the YouTube platform suggested this many moons ago. 60% of all traffic on the internet is now video traffic and this will continue to grow as more tools like my video talk become available.

My Video Talk The Catch

So whats the catch with My Video Talk?

Simply this:- Working with video is exposing far more than just the words that you say!

The power of video marketing is its ability to engage the watcher. You will demonstrate your passion and your excitement about your industry in the way you deliver your video message. No longer can you hide behind long copy and swiped content, your out there fully exposed in front of your potential clients and peers! Super Scary Stuff!

The Catch is a double edged Sword! Now some folk will be natural on video, they will point the camera press record and deliver an awesome presentation straight from the heart, but do not be fooled onto thinking this comes with no effort and they didn’t start somewhere just like we all did, very nervous, probably with a script, and sweating profusely!

Speaking on the stage or in front of people is a huge deal! The fear of looking stupid, combined with, very little actual knowledge in the industry is a gigantic stumblng block for most marketers that would love to be able to create awesome video content for their clients, websites, and or blogs.

Will My Video Talk Sharpen Your Marketing Skills?

Invest in yourself, your skills & knowledge will determine how much your worth. very few skills and a little knowledge will make you worth something, but a hell of a lot of knowledge and some serious skills and your in business forever! Get some knowledge by investing in your education, forget the university’s, and start to watch your industry leaders. The amount of video training, webinars and broadcasts is HUGE, if your not currently watching content created by the peers in your industry then you should at least be subscribing to your industry journals.

At this point, i kept it deep in the content as a special treat for those of you who got this far, I suggest you read The Backbone Project.

Professionals Do It Differently, that’s why they are professionals. They do subscribe to the peer reviewed journals, they do engage in discussion and add to the market they serve. People seek out their services because they offer value! They have paid the price, in time and hard work consuming information and understanding the market and performing a service! They are usually compensated for that service at a level commensurate with the amount of service they give.

Are you still with me?

I wrote a post about saving an hour a day with google reader and if your looking to research and learn about the market

Google Reader

Save An Hour A Day Here....

you are hoping to serve then I would consider watching the training there. It shows you an uber cool way of aggregating content and consuming it all in one place saving you a tonne of time searching around all over the internet.

It doesn’t take long to become quite knowledgeable if you look into one specific topic and set up some google alerts that go straight into your reader account.

Before long you will become knowledgeable enough to want to share some of your new found knowledge with your readers and market.

Here is where you newly acquired knowledge combined with your new video marketing tools ( like my video talk ) will differentiate YOU from all the other business’s competing out there in your market or industry.

With all this new found knowledge you will actually have something valuable to share! Wow there’s a great tip for you. Actually creating some content that will serve your market, pretty cool stuff I know!

Sharing this content via video or Video Broadcast is Massive

Here’s why:-

Video is so easy to consume, try writing an article on how to fold napkins or swing a golf club! Pretty difficult right? But hey sitting back with a coffee and watching a professional demonstrating not only a perfect swing, but actually breaking it down and articulating the movement using video is so much easier for the user. Using Video to demonstrate a skill absoutely rocks.

Video Engages the Watcher Internet ready tv is on its way….

Everybody is different however video really engages the customer. We all know that Sony, Pioneer and Samsung along with all the other major manufacturer’s are developing  Internet televisions. The concept is brilliant. The consumer will add channels to the system allowing the user to experience only the channels they want to consume. Awesome!


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  1. Wendy Nicholls
    August 5, 2011 | 4:23 pm

    This was one of the best articles I’ve read! This is exactly what I’ve been doing I actually need to look into Google reader. Currently I have alerts coming into my inbox and educate myself that way. Your article was such validation for me, Thank you!

  2. Robert Kendray
    August 8, 2011 | 11:28 pm

    Hey Great Post,

    I’m 100% with you on this, I’d be lost without Google Reader it’s such a awesome place to research content and to educate yourself towards becoming an expert in your field.

    I also agree with your comments about online video. Now is the time to start implementing video into your marketing plan and with amazing video communication tools like the ones available at My Video Talk you can really take your business branding to the next level.

    All the best,


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This is where we are today information is cheap…unfortunately the vast majority of it is worthless…,and the thing is about those people is they already know who they are. Freeloading is not the answer, doing the work is not enough, because… how do you know if what your doing actually works anyway?

SO that’s why…i Started the Backbone Project .