Cranking! This is what I’m talking about!



In practice, the hospital bed’s shitty little crank functioned mostly as a recalcitrant and pinch-inducing mechanism for eroding my father’s dignity.

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I’ts impossible not to be moved by Merlins open, honest, style, that opens your mind to receive all it’s powerful honesty and then leaves you dealing with the emotional residue for a very long time afterwards.

Hard to read, sure! Essential read, yes!


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Thought I would take the time to tell you all about a small project I’m embarking on. It’s not for everyone! It’s for those people who really want to make the grade

This is where we are today information is cheap…unfortunately the vast majority of it is worthless…,and the thing is about those people is they already know who they are. Freeloading is not the answer, doing the work is not enough, because… how do you know if what your doing actually works anyway?

SO that’s why…i Started the Backbone Project .